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I am a graduate of UC San Diego with a degree in Management Science and a minor in Art. I have a Master of Education from UC San Diego with credentials to teach Mathematics and Physics. I have supplemental credentials to also teach Business, Economics, and Art. As a high school student I scored 790 on my SAT Math, 800 on my SAT II Math 2, and competed in the American Invitational Math Exam.

Someone once told me that I'm really good breaking down hard-to-understand concepts into easy-to-understand examples. I tried teaching and, as a result, have been enjoying it for the last 13 years!

I have taught at public schools, charter schools, private schools, and international schools. Furthermore, I've taught at both middle schools and high schools. I've had tremendous success teaching in both gifted and talented classes as well as remedial classes. At every public school I've worked at, I've been able to contribute in raising the Academic Performance Index score up because of my tireless effort to help students at all levels of abilities as well as help colleagues do the same. I'm the teacher who comes in early, tutors at lunch, helps other teachers during my prep time, stays late, and answers student emails throughout the evening. I am passionate about education and have done a lot to ensure the success of my students.

My success with students have mainly been in the way I explain things. I develop very simple and effective techniques and skills for my students that will help them in all classes. My goal is to help students not only achieve and succeed in their current class, but to set the correct study habits and skills so that they will succeed in future classes. I don't believe in short cuts or quick fixes. My goal is to help the student achieve academic success that is long-lasting.

I often spend hours preparing for students outside the scheduled tutoring sessions. When I commit to take on a student, I make it my goal as a teacher/tutor to ensure that my student has all the necessary resources and information necessary to prepare for their coursework. You will find me up late at night preparing practice tests and quizzes to emulate upcoming assessments.

Finally, I am patient. I understand the struggles a student goes through when they're in a challenging class. I have had my fair share of struggles during my undergraduate and graduate years. In addition, I am currently taking classes for Spanish, guitar, music theory, as well as completing my administrative credential. These are challenging classes outside of my comfort zone. As a result, I have developed the skills to overcome those challenges. My ability to relate to students allows me to be patient and help motivate them. And when they are, I help them to activate it in order to achieve their objectives!

Many of my students have gone on to selective universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and UC San Diego. They often commented on how my classes, expectations, and mentorship have prepared them well to handle university-level coursework. I understand what it's like to go through a demanding university program. As a result, I work hard at preparing them for that future.

I would be more than happy to help you reach your potential in education! Please contact me directly to set up an appointment!

~Tan Huynh


Master of Education (UCSD)
BS in Management Science (UCSD)
Certified Online Teaching (UCSD)
Single Subject Math Credential
Single Subject Physics Credential
Economics Supplemental Credential
Business Supplemental Credential
Art Supplemental Credential


7th Grade Algebra I Honors
7th Grade Pre-Algebra
8th Grade Geometry Honors
8th Grade Algebra I
8th Grade Algebra Readiness


Algebra I and II
AP Calculus


Algebra I and II
AP Calculus






AP Physics
College Physics


Microsoft Excel


$60*-$200/Hour depending on location
*For students who are in La Mesa or who can drive to La Mesa

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"5 Stars"
- Samuel from San Diego, CA on 3/30/18

Basic Math/Algebra I - I can't say enough about Tan and his services as a math tutor. All the little things you look for in a professional--promptness, good communication, flexibility, relationship skills, mastery of his subject matter-- are there, but on top of that, his methods of teaching and getting results are extremely effective. My son was a typical underachiever in math and felt bad about it. He had a hard time getting math concepts and since we're not "math people" we had a hard time helping him effectively. We wanted to get him up to grade level first, then get him into an advanced math class and make sure he succeeded there. We worked with Tan for about a year on that project with amazing results. Not only did my son get into the advanced math class, but he also scored "exceeds the standards" on his state math tests. If your child really wants to get better at math, Tan will get him/her there. More recently, after working with Tan again to prepare for High School Entrance Exams, my son scored very high on the math portions of his tests and was accepted to two very competitive San Diego High Schools, with generous financial aid packages. Thanks Tan, we couldn't have done it without you!
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"5 Stars"
- Franco from San Diego, CA on 2/21/18

AP Calculus - My daughter is taking AP Calculus, and we consider ourselves lucky to have Tan as a tutor. We had previously tried three tutors, all of whom knew calculus but were not really skilled at teaching it. Tan truly has a gift for teaching. At the beginning of each problem, he is able to give a brief, easy-to-understand explanation of the concepts behind the problem. Tan has the ability to make even difficult concepts seem simple. My daughter isn't just performing well on her exams. For the first time, she feels that she "gets it." Tan is a truly outstanding tutor.
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"5 Stars"
- Lynn from Encinitas, CA on 2/13/18

Econometrics - Tan is helping me with a college level Econometrics class. He is extremely patient and has a wonderful knack for providing examples that make sense to me. The textbook is often confusing and he reads the material and converts it to something he knows I will understand. He is always prompt and follows up with me whenever needed. I appreciate his willingness to plan ahead for our meetings so our sessions are productive from the start. I highly recommend Tan as a tutor.
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"5 Stars"
- Elise from Alpine, CA on 1/4/17

Statistics - Tan is a gifted tutor!!. Tan is a gifted tutor!!. He is able to teach challenging subjects, that even the best students have difficulty with, and help them succeed. This Fall, he tutored my son with his college level Stats class. The course had been challenging the first time my son took it and I was worried that if he had another poor grade, he might give up with his college goals. Tan responded right away and from that day forward I knew my son was in good hands. Tan was always accessible, patient, and worked very well with my son. You can imagine my delight when the final grade was a B+. Tan saved the day and kept my sons' confidence high. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you need tutoring support. He is definitely worth his weight in gold!!
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"5 Stars"
- Katy from San Diego, CA on 12/19/16

Statistics - I've known Tan for 10 years now, and when I had first met him, people raved about how great of a teacher he was. And Tan continues to push himself to be a better teacher/tutor every day, which shows 10 years down the road. He believes studying to be a lifestyle, not something you cram in the night before. He is well learned in many areas and has great patience. I decided to go back to college and was extremely stressed due to the math courses I was about to endure, specifically, statistics. My professor told the class that the next week's homework and exam was the hardest and that most of us would fail out of the class because of it (super encouraging, I know). I happened to run into Tan the next day (as fate would have it) and scheduled a tutoring session with him asap. I got to finally experience not just Tan my friend, but Tan my tutor. He was professional and on time. He was very patient with me as I struggled to comprehend the homework. And he asked me specific questions so that I could dive into the depths of my brain and retrieve the answers. He didn't just teach me, but engaged in an active conversation regarding the text. I was able to then explain back to him the concepts and problems quite well. I wasn't just memorizing the information but truly learning it. Because of Tan I was able to do well on the homework and exam, get one of the highest grades on my next exam and pass the course with an excellent grade. I already recommend him to my friends and family, and now by this review, I can recommend him to the world wide web.
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"5 Stars"
- Janelle from San Diego, CA on 9/16/16

Math - Tan is amazing and well worth every penny. He has helped immeasurably. He really recognizes when you're not getting it and has lots of strategies for teaching complex math concepts in a clear and understandable way. He has lots of patience and is always professional, prompt, smiling, and helpful. We are so so so grateful to have found him. Total game changer for our struggling math student. :))))
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"5 Stars"
- Alicia from San Diego, CA on 4/20/16

Math - Mr. Huynh was one of the best teachers to ever happen to my educational career. He used to teach my 11th grade Math class and I definitely can say that although his coursework was challenging it was effective. I definitely will schedule some tutoring as I enter college this Fall. Keep up the awesome work! :)
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"5 Stars"
- Lauren from San Diego, CA on 8/18/15

Intermediate Algebra/Statistics - Tan Is seriously the best tutor I've ever had in my life . From an early age I have struggled with math, and when I say struggle I really mean I had to fight just to get a c in the class. I tutored with tan the entire semester and pulled an 89.7% .Believe me this is a miracle for me considering I failed math 2x in a row before him. Had I not been involved in a car accident that semester I probably would have had an A. Call tan. Believe me it's worth it and better than calling random friends at night for help or looking on YouTube. He goes through everything step by step and explains what you may miss in class.
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"5 Stars"
- Renee from San Diego, CA on 6/19/15

Algebra I - My daughter was having trouble with math for the first time in her life and I couldn't help her the Common Core way. Tan helped my daughter bring her grade from a D to a B in only a few weeks, and we couldn't be happier.
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"5 Stars"
- Andrea from La Jolla, CA on 4/13/15

Macroeconomics - Tan is a great tutor, he's very flexible with his schedule and seems to always be available when I need a tutoring session. He is quick to respond to any messages or questions, and is very knowledgeable in the subject (I was tutored for Macro Economics). High recommendation.
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"5 Stars"
- Joe from Los Angeles, CA on 4/2/15

Algebra II - What can I say about this guy! Tan has been an amazing teacher from day one, and has assisted me in my education throughout the years. When it comes to mathematics Tan is innovative on his approach and simplifies the material, both of which are important for block heads like myself when it comes to math. I would recommended tan as a tutor to anyone who is inquiring!
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"5 Stars"
- Donald from Vista, CA on 3/23/15

HTML5/CSS3 - This guy is awesome! He really knows his stuff! He really knows the material and also knows how to teach it so that you can grasp it. I would highly recommend Tan as a tutor.
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"5 Stars"
- Chantal from Vista, CA on 3/18/15

Algebra II - I was lucky enough to have Mr. Huynh as my math teacher throughout my high school career. Like many, math was one of the most difficult subjects for me. With Mr. Huynh's help I not only learned math, but I succeeded and excelled! His dedication to his student is unlike any other teacher I have met. He is passionate and truly believes that every individual is capable. I highly recommend Mr. Huynh as a math tutor!
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"Very Enthusiastic"
- Doug from San Diego, CA on 9/3/17

SAT/ACT - Tan worked with my son to help prepare him for the SAT. Tan's approach was to first understand where the "holes" were in my son's math fundamentals. Once those were identified and fixed, he progressed from there. Tan had a patient and steady approach to his teaching. A highly competent math teacher, who showed genuine interest in understanding our son's thought processes. Tan met with our son 3x a week - built an easy rapport with our son who even looked forward to the lessons. Can't say enough good things about Tan.
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"One Word: AMAZING!!"
- Amber from San Diego, CA on 5/29/17

Statistics - I couldn't be more thankful that I found Tan to help me with my Statistics course! I have such a difficult time with mathematical comprehension, but Tan breaks it down so that even the most novice mathematician can comprehend the theories! He was a huge help! I would highly recommend him! He is patient and has a very understandable vocabulary of the technical language that I find to be most confusing! Thank you so much Tan! You're a life saver!
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"Very Accommodating and Knowledgeable"
- Sophia and Jazon from Chula Vista, CA on 4/11/17

AP Physics - We really appreciate Tan for tutoring our son on his AP Physics. He went up and beyond of his way to accommodate us on his busy schedule. He was knowledgeable, approachable and patient. My son really likes him and we are really satisfied on services. Thank you very much Tan.
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"Excellent Math Tutor"
- Kim from Chula Vista, CA on 10/3/16

Geometry - Tan is an excellent tutor and he explains things very clearly. He knows what each individual person needs to succeed and my grade in math has gone up because of his help. Best tutor I have ever had!
Source: WyzAnt Tutoring Service

"Great Tutor"
- Gina from San Diego, CA on 10/2/16

Algebra - Tan was very helpful and explained things that made it seem easy. He gave good examples and broke steps down effortlessly. He's not intimidating and I felt comfortable throughout the entire session. Definitely recommend.
Source: WyzAnt Tutoring Service

"Very Enthusiastic"
- Katie from Coronado, CA on 2/2/16

Algebra II - Tan is so friendly and enthusiastic about the subject matter. We can tell that he is using every trick in his bag to help my son understand concepts that are difficult for him. Slowly but surely my son is improving. What I like best is that because Tan is so personable, my son doesn't dread his tutoring sessions. Thanks Tan.
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"Great Experience"
- Allyson from Lemon Grove, CA on 9/30/15

Math for Nursing Program - Tan has a good way of explaining things. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs help in math!
Source: WyzAnt Tutoring Service

- Naser from San Diego, CA on 9/17/15

Econometrics - Simplified topics and broke them down until I understood them! Made them very simple and easy. Increased my confidence in topics!
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"Very knowledgeable and Insightful Tutor"
- Luke from La Jolla, CA on 8/13/15

Geometry and AP Physics - Tan is very encouraging and patient, and gets students to logically think a problem through. He has a lot of teaching experience and is very creative about teaching geometry.
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"He is a MASTER at Dreamweaver!!!"
- Amanda from Poway, CA on 8/3/15

Adobe Dreamweaver - For starters, let's just say that I have no idea how to utilize Dreamweaver, HTML or CSS. I can admit that I am still lost, as this is only for my general ed for college. Tan made it possible for me to understand what I was doing, and exactly why I was doing it. If I never found Tan, I would probably never gotten as far, or understood as much, and would have probably failed this class. I believe that he is very patient and is definitely willing to take the time to help you understand. Best TUTOR I HAVE EVER HAD!!!
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"Awesome Tutor"
- Kristine from Spring Valley, CA on 4/17/15

Algebra II and Pre Calculus - Personally, I have had a hard time with school and life. This year my anxiety for school got out of control, but I still wanted to fight through it. Homework and school became a struggle. With Tan, it became simple and easier to handle. I finally found someone who is able to explain everything step-by-step. I am happy to have found a tutor who cares and takes the time to be patient, and makes even "difficult subjects" seem easy and fun. Because of Tan, I finally found Joy in Learning.
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"Amazing Tutor"
- Don from San Diego, CA on 3/24/15

Dreamweaver - This guy is awesome! He really knows his stuff! He really knows the material and also knows how to teach it so that you can grasp it. I would highly recommend Tan as a tutor.
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"Excellent Tutor"
- Stefan from La Jolla, CA on 3/9/15

Econometrics, Game Theory, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics - I had a tough time with one of my econometrics classes, and after I hired Tan as my tutor, I started to understand it much better. I would totally recommend Tan because he is very patient and he is willing to go beyond to help his students understand the material, and most importantly, he really cares about his students. Overall, amazing tutor!
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